Consulting in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

During this consulting workshop, the Viennese and Nuremberg team consulted all Kyrgyz partner universities and the Kazakh partner universities in Almaty and Astana.

First, a consulting workshop for all Kyrgyz partners was conducted in Bishkek. Issues and challenges of the implementation of THE CACTLE were discussed. Above all, the special conditions of Bishkek – as three branches of THE CACTLE are located within walking distance – was discussed. Furthermore, the delivered equipment was checked at the KNU and the AKSU.

Afterwards, the Viennese and Nuremberg team consulted all Kazakh partner universities in Almaty with the same program as effected in Bishkek. The consulting travel was continued in Astana, on the one hand to check the delivered equipment, and on the other hand to discuss location-specific needs. Furthermore, important stakeholders of the project have been visited to explore possible cooperation potentials between them and THE CACTLE.

The consulting workshops ended with a precise action plan for implementing THE CACTLE successfully.

Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan 04/2018
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