Methods, Methods, Methods

Teaching methods were in the center of this third workshop for CUTs. In this workshop we distinguished between “small methods” for the use of “daily didactics” and “complex methods” as e.g. “debating”, “role play”, “dilemma analysis”, “learning stations”, or “case studies”. Using the experience of the workshops in Tashkent and Karaganda, this workshop was organized as a mixture between receiving information and applying the new information for the own needs of the upcoming CUTs.

Parallel to this workshop the second coordination meeting took place, discussing the achieved project goals during the first months of the project and the next project steps for the next month of the project. In addition, the curriculum for CUTs was decided.

Furthermore, the workshop was used to connect with stakeholders of the project in Kyrgyzstan.

All 51 participants of the workshop left it with a smile.


Bishkek 09/2016
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