This was the first workshop for the upcoming “Certified University Teachers – CUT”. Amongst their staff members, each Central Asian university designated three excellent teachers which decided to become a CUT. It was the aim of the workshop to confront the teaching behavior of the Central Asian teachers with the Viennese heuristic for lesson planning. To achieve this aim, besides some lectures about learning, learning theory and of course lesson planning using the Viennese heuristic, a sophisticated micro-teaching setting was used to video-graph the lectures of the teachers first and analyze the videos afterwards. The tracks were chaired by Dr. Gerhard Geissler, Dr. Ilse Pachlinger and Dr. Franz-Karl Skala from Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Parallel to these workshops for teachers, a coordination meeting with the 9 Contact Persons from Central Asian unviersities and the Grant Holders took place. It was the aim of this coordination meeting to discuss the next project steps concerning the quality and financial management and the development of the curriculum for the elective “Entrepreneurship and Business Development”.

This workshop was also used to connect the project with stakeholders of the project e.g. the Ministry for Higher Education of Uzbekistan (Prof. Uzokboy Begimkulov).

Tashkent 05/2016
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