Vienna University of Economics and Business

Represented by the Institute of Business Education. Academic Director: Prof. Dr. Josef Aff. WU Vienna acts as the grant holder having a long tradition in coordinating international capacity building projects.

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Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Represented by the FBZHL FAU is an expert in the field of the implementation of training centers for teaching and learning.

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Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

The Open University of Catalonia was created as a fully online university and took advantage of the intensive use of the ICT to build an collaborative educational online learning model.

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Universidade da Coruna

The Galician University integrated a strategic plan for the modernisation of teaching by integrating technology in the teaching and learning model almost 20 years ago.

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Kyrgyz Natinal University

Kyrgyz National University (KNU) is the most important and oldest higher education institution in Kyrgyz Republic. Its integral parts are four institutes, five centers and 13 departments. The university trains specialists in Humanities and Natural Sciences, in Management and Business as well as in Economics and Finance.

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International University of Kyrgyzstan

The National Center for the Bologna Process which promotes the implementation of the principles of the Bologna process is based at the IUK though IUK has a good network with all Kyrgyz universities.

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NARXOZ Universtiy Almaty

NARXOZ strategic aims include intensive internationalization together with enhancing quality control over educational and administrative processes. The mission of NEU is to prepare competitive professionals for the national economy and businesses.

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Karaganda Economic University

After the changes in the politic and economic conditions the university has started to sign agreements with domestic enterprises about students’ internship and further employment. Therefore KEUK has a strong network with local enterprises.

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L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University

ENU is a university with special status and with sufficiently high international authority; it is an implementer of academic innovative technologies and continuer of the best research traditions.

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Bukhara State University

BSU staff has gained expertise in international and national projects, related with quality assurance in higher education. Senior staff is actively participating in the enhancement of standards in teaching and learning.

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Fergana State University

Academic staff from all universities and institutions of Ferghana valley upgrade their subject skills in teaching centers of Ferghana state university. Ferghana state university participated in two TEMPUS projects.

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Westminster International university in Tashkent

WIUT has been engaged in staff development of other institutions of higher learning across Uzbekistan and in secondary schools and universities in its Post-graduate Certificate (PgCert) of Special Study in Teaching and Learning and has gained significant understanding and experience in designing and delivery of new conceptual pedagogy in a local context.

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I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University

I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University is one of the leading higher educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic. More than 1000 professors, assistant professors and lecturers fruitfully work at the university. The universities student body amounts more than 15000 students, 160 graduate and doctoral students.

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