This project is dedicated to implement a “Central Asian Centre for Teaching, Learning and Entrepreneurship – CACTLE” to promote and strengthen the relations between Central Asian HEIs and enterprises as socio-economic actors to foster intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial competencies by

  • improving the teaching competencies of HEI-teachers
  • creating further training-opportunities for employees of enterprises and institutions
  • qualifying students in entrepreneurship and business development

in cooperation with ministries for higher education, regional chambers of commerce and enterprises as a contribution to promote entrepreneurial and occupational self-reliance in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. Sustainable implementation of a CACTLE
    Implementing a CACTLE as a virtual expert network institutionalized at the participating universities with a sustainable perspective.
  2. Professionalization of HEI-teachers
    Qualifying of at least 27 HEI-teachers as “Certified University Teachers – CUT”, 18 HEI-teachers as “Accredited Management Trainers – AMT” on the basis of a certification program for CUT and AMT with a scope of 90 (CUT) and 60 (AMT) contact hours. Another 27 HEI-teachers will be qualified as CUT by the first alumnis during the third project year.
  3. Professionalization of employees
    Qualifying employees of enterprises/institutions in at least 48 CACTLE-further trainings designed and held by AMT in special fields of economics and business in KG, KZ and UZ.
  4. Professionalization of students
    Qualifying at least 90 students in KG, KZ and UZ in the field of “Entrepreneurship and Business Development – EBD” on the basis of a core-curriculum in a scope of 10 ECTS or equal in English or Russian.