Long Distance Learning-Tool - Entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurship and Business development” (“EBD”) is an innovative online course offered by THE CACTLE in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. This course has its bases on a distinctive model of entrepreneurship education and is dedicated to people, who are interested in founding and continuously running an own business. The course was initially approved by the ERASMUS+ project “CACTLE” in 2017.

The online course “Entrepreneurship and Business development” includes 60 learning hours in total and consists of three main parts.

Part I introduces the course and outlines specific characteristics of long distance learning – intention, outcome, material, teaching and learning online tools, process etc.

Part II presents two stories about business plan and business model. In an innovative form of a study clip, a fundamental model for Business Administration is developed and presented. At the concrete example of the fictional Central Asian company TEABAR the model explains the most important issues of Business Administration within the complex environment of a market economy – and it is also a basic model for the most important reflections on a business plan.

Part III constitutes the centrepiece of the EBD-course and covers three main topics:

  • Business Administration: legal framework; investment/acquisition/production; calculation and finance; marketing; organization/human resources/management; accounting and taxation
  • Economic, social and ecological framework: market economy and business administration; social and ecological sustainability; social-, self-, methodological competence
  • Business idea and business plan development: creating business ideas; writing business plan

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Found a business on the basis of an innovative business idea and to prepare the business founding reflectively on the basis of a meaningful business plan.
  • Act socially responsible in the role of an entrepreneur.