Certified University Teacher (CUT)

“CUT” (Certified University Teacher) is a certification program for university teachers offered by THE CACTLE in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. This program is dedicated to improve the teaching competencies of university teachers in economics and business. The program was initially approved by the ERASMUS+ project “CACTLE” in 2016.

The “Certification program for University Teachers – CUT” includes 90 teaching- and learning hours in total and covers six main topics:

  • Basic reflections on teaching and learning: constructive alignment, learning theories, didactical model of THE CACTLE etc.
  • Planning: key questions, previous knowledge, teaching aims and competences etc.
  • Acting: “small” and “complex” methods, classroom management
  • Assessing
  • Media and Internet: designing PPP, flips and whiteboard, LMS, blended learning
  • Elective

By the end of this course, the teachers will be able to use their professional teaching knowledge:

  • to initiate higher cognitive learning processes.
  • to develop advanced competences of students in the fields of economic and business.
  • to assess learning outcomes of the students validly.

Teaching competences in economics and business can serve universities of economics and business as catalyzer to master current expectations of their stakeholders. Teaching competency in economics and business is the effective use of pedagogical techniques to produce learning outcomes for learners in the fields of economic and business. Modern teaching competency in economics and business is aware of changes in employment. These imply a rise in the demand for non-routine cognitive and interpersonal skills. A contemporary mode of learning to develop the competencies of learners has to be developed because it will be suitable for an environment characterized by uncertainty, speed, complexity and interdisciplinary working.  With this view of learning, the role of university teachers is changing too. In addition to being a subject expert acquainted with ways to transmit knowledge, university teachers are now required to have effective teaching qualifications.

The CUT-program is dedicated to improve the qualification-portfolio of university teachers and to enhance their core competencies by improving their teaching qualifications on the basis of their special subjects. By supporting the CUT-program, universities of economics and business demonstrate that they are reliable providers of good quality higher education that will lead to gainful employment by equipping graduates with the competences required to evolve professionally.


WP 2.1 - CUT-program