Start-up: AMT and EBD

This was the first meeting of the future “Advanced Management Trainers – AMT” and the teachers of the elective “Entrepreneurship and Business Development”. As the topic “further training” was very new for the participating teachers, during this workshop a lot of lectures were given by the Austrian and German partners to familiarize the teachers with the needs and challenges of further trainings. Nevertheless, a lot of varied and activating exercises have been done.
In addition, the framework of organizing further trainings within THE CACTLE, was discussed. Moreover, the first steps in creating a curriculum for AMTs were discussed as well as the creation of a textbook for AMTs.
Finally, the philosophy of Entrepreneurship Education was introduced and discussed and first steps for creating a students’ workbook for the elective “Entrepreneurship and Business Development” have been done.

Bishkek 02/2017
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