Accredited Management Trainer (AMT)

“AMT” (Accredited Management Trainer) is a certification program for university teachers of economics and business offered by THE CACTLE in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. This program is dedicated to improve their competencies in the field of further trainings for private companies or other institutions and entrepreneurs. The program was initially approved by the ERASMUS+ project “CACTLE” in 2016.

The “Certification program for accredited management trainers – AMT” includes 60 teaching- and learning hours in total and covers three main topics:

  • Acquisition of AMT courses: structure of the AMT-market, forms of company training, target group analysis, creating a course catalogue and written offers, contraction meetings
  • Designing AMT courses: special issues in adult education, benefits of company courses, opening and closure of a seminar, transfer & follow-up-activities, framework of AMT courses, ‚tailor-made‘ trainings
  • Methods of AMT courses: transfer methods, introduction methods, moderation / facilitation

By the end of this course, the trainers will be able to use their professional teaching knowledge:

  • to initiate higher cognitive learning processes
  • to develop advanced competences of participants in the fields of economic and business
  • to assess learning outcomes of the participants validly

Searching for the roots of business administration as an academic discipline, it was found, more than 100 years ago, business people (merchants) expressed their wish to organize and enhance the manifold commercial knowledge (e.g. in the field of cost accounting). Business administration is thus from the very beginning closely connected with business practice, or as one of the most famous pioneers (Eugen Schmalenbach) said: “The academic discipline business administration has to design recommendations for the business practice.”

Further training constitutes a link to connect the know-how of universities with the requirements of business practice, which implicates for universities:

  1. University research in the field of business administration is forced to address relevant issues of business practice. This information must be presented in an interesting and relevant way, as company managers are only willing to invest money if they are sure, that this knowledge is helpful for their companies. Further training arranges this educational process.
  2. Universities, which are financed through taxation, have the social responsibility to provide the results of research for the advancement of the economy.
  3. In times of resource shortages, further training opens possibilities to gain additional income for universities and their employees. At the same time, further training – if it is accepted by companies – increases the reputation of the business administration faculties in society.

To achieve these benefits of further training THE CACTLE is dedicated to certify university teachers in modern Teaching Competencies in Economics and Business and to offer a course program and training material for different further training courses for enterprises and other institutions. These well-educated Management trainers will meet the needs of companies and create user-oriented and interesting trainings.


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